Read customer testimonials about System Associates from previous clients about our appraisals and previous work, equipment sales.

We have used System Associates for about 6 years, and Michael has done a great job selling off our surplus equipment at fair prices. The transactions are simple for us.

Joel Rome

Otto Nemenz International

I am happy with our relationship Michael.

Denny Clairmont

Clairmont Camera

Michael is an aggressive and hardworking individual who knows the broadcast component business well.

Logan Enright

Owner, The Enright Company

Hello Michael, Superb work and salesmanship! It could not have been better.

Ousama Rawi


I appreciate your hard work selling my Alexa Classic. Thanks again.

Nancy Schreiber


Walt Shubin and I have worked with Michael for a long time from about 1991. Later Michael became a business partner and later bought System Associates. In all that time he has been and excellent business partner. What he didn’t know he soon found out and consistently improved his abilities. I am proud of him and what he has done with System Associates.

Billy Seidel

Good work with the appraisal and fantastic job selling our gear

Allan Davis

Crimson Production Studios

Thanks, Michael – you are very good at your job and thanks again for your diligence.

Taylor Pinson

This is my second large purchase with System Associates. F65 and Alexa I am very happy.

Chris Eckert

All transactions with Michael have been efficient and effective. Each sale has been conducted in a timely manner and with prompt payment. We have referred other sellers to Michael and we will continue to work with him on future sales ourselves.

The Camera House

We really like our Arri Amira we bought from System Associates. Good job selling our Alexa to make way for the Amira.

Jeff Becker

Reel Men Rentals Inc

Thanks again, I’m really looking forward to buying more cameras from you. You’ll be my first choice, best service I’ve had.Best of luck for 2019 for you and your family. Will keep in touch for the future.

Sam Lok

Great job selling my Alexa Plus and associated gear.

Danny Ruhlmann

Cinematographer, ACS