About Us

A brief overview about how System Associates came to be and with regards to our future.





Glendale, AZ



System Associates was founded in 1977 by Billy Seidel and Walt Shubin. It was one of the first companies in the country to sell used broadcast and professional television equipment. System Associates is well known for conducting, arranging, and brokering used video equipment, used film equipment, and new equipment transactions.

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Bill and Walt knew their new partner, Michael Ferguson, was in a unique position to understand the values of their property. Therefore in 1994 Michael bought System Associates. Meanwhile, now with over 25 years of experience in the broadcast and recently the film industry, System Associates’ skills and services include, audio, video and film equipment brokering, appraisals, engineering, repairing, product knowledge, equipment sales, auctions, liquidations, and equipment buying.

A New Beginning

After 15 years selling new and used broadcast and television equipment with System Associates, Michael Ferguson was approached to do an equipment appraisal for an earlier sales client. After that an auction company requested his opinion of the costs of broadcasting and television property that was going to be auctioned. The auction company was thoroughly impressed with his ability and results. Meanwhile, Michael was approached again to do an equipment appraisal for a law firm. At that point, he leveraged his experience to increase the quality of the appraisal reports to the highest standards in the business while becoming a certified appraiser. System Associates from 2020 became solely focused on appraisals.